Shaiann’s mission is to inspire, elevate and educate young girls that they have a gift within. Within her business she helps girls and women unwrap their gift while igniting self-confidence that they too can sparkle and shine. She is also a high school student, a lover of all things beauty, a go-getter and a kidpreneur making an impact on the world.


Beauty is an outlet for creativity. A concept Shaiann Hogan understood from a young age. As a way to channel her individuality Shai experimented in her mother’s makeup and later filmed a makeup tutorial on her ITouch. Upon hearing the news her mother wasn’t too happy, but it was at this moment her mother saw passion and desire. The very qualities that makes a person GREAT. She wanted to nurture Shaiann so that one day she would blossom. And blossom she did. With her mothers support and knowledge backing her, Shai learned how to produce her own custom nail polish. Shai saw that she could build an empire founded on doing what she loved and that’s how Shai’s World was born.

Shai’s World is an indie nail polish company. It was launched in 2015 when Shai was a mere 13 years old. The nail polish is 100% vegan, cruelty free and is made without 5 toxic chemicals commonly found in other nail polishes such as: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resins, Dibutyl Phthalate(DBP), Toluene and Camphor.

Shai’s World has a wide range of Shai Shades to choose from so everyone can be fly like Shai.

Shaiann is very bubbly. Her hobbies include swimming, shopping, tumbling and listening to music. Despite all this activity Shai stays grounded in her academics.

Shaiann has appeared on “The Real” Talk Show and “Harry” TV Show, and Goodmorning Washington. She has also been featured in Teen Boss Magazine. Her accolades include, placing 2nd in the 2017 Urban League. She has also been awarded with the “Her Eyes Matter” Black Business Woman Rock award in 2017.

Shaiann is always thinking of ways to further her brand. With goals and ambition fueling her she will reach every destination planned. Shaiann’s story proves that all successes start with an action and each action begins with a thought. She reminds little girls every day that they can do whatever they put their minds too.