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During the last few months, I’ve noticed a new trend happening. Lots of people have been learning and perfecting their at-home self-care routine, and I think it’s awesome! As a young woman in the beauty industry, I am super passionate about doing everything I can do make myself look and feel my best so I have been really inspired by everyone who didn’t let the closure of their nail salons stop them from taking care of their nails.


I love a good DIY hack so I thought I would share my best tips for taking care of your nails at home. I know that everyone loves a good mani-pedi moment but being able to take care of your own nails at home is a skill that I think everyone should have!


Strengthen your nails

While you’re caring for your nails at home, you’ll probably want to focus on the strength and growth of your nails. The best way to do that is eat a healthy diet, stay well-hydrated, and use a nail strengthening polish to prevent peeling and breakage


Take care of your cuticles

When you’re taking care of your fingernails you can’t forget about your cuticles! Moisturizing your cuticles is super important – especially these days when everyone is using hand sanitizer and washing their hands more frequently. My Cuticle Oil Pen is super compact and convenient to carry around in your purse. You can apply oil whenever your cuticles need it!


Give yourself a manicure

It might take a little bit of practice to be able to paint both of your own hands, but how fun is it to learn a new skill? I have lots of nail polish colors in my five available collections, so I bet you’ll be able to find the perfect color for you. Don’t forget the top coat! 


Try press-on nails

If painting your nails isn’t really your personal style, check out Press On Nails! You can find so many interesting colors and patterns that truly rival that of a nail salon. Press on nails are extremely convenient if you need your manicure to stay fresh in between salon appointments and really help if you’ve got a habit of biting your nails.


Don’t peel, bite, or pick off your manicure

I know that it can be frustrating to have a manicure or set of nails that starts to fall off. It can be really tempting to use any means necessary to remove acrylics or gel polish but peeling and picking at them causing so much damage to your nails! If you can’t make it to a salon to get them removed, pour some acetone into a glass bowl and soak your fingertips for 10-minutes. Wipe away the softened gel or acrylic with a paper towel and repeat the process until the product is completely gone. Make sure you use plenty of cuticle oil afterward because acetone is super drying!



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