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Most days, I find myself in my room doing homework, blasting music or talking on the phone. It's my "happy" space. Very simple, quiet and just me and my favorite dog......"Domino" Im in love with the color Rose Gold. So when I decided to create a vibe in my room, my go to color was just that. And of course it's a nail color within my line. Full of sparkles. See below. Purchase yours HERE! 


I chose the color mint green for my room because it's such a soft and charming color. You can accent it with any color. But for now, I decided to chose Blush Pink, White and Rose Gold. Furry Pillow, white comforter and a furry throw rug for my tootsies. 

I'm a super organized person who loves to write my goals and dreams down. In the corner, I use my calendar regularly when planning or creating. Most times I jot down things related to school or hanging out with friends. You may be wondering why do I have a small rocking chair there? It was one given to my by my grandfather when I was a baby. I will NEVER get rid of it as its very sentimental to me and someday, I wish to pass it down to my children. 


My happy corner (below) 


Of course, my lil pooch has his space in my room as well. He's so sweet and loves me to death and although his teeth are crowded,  I love him too LOL! HE has his toys and his bed nestled in a corner of my bedroom as its his favorite spot. 

Last, but certainly no least there is my beauty cart (Below). I absolutely LOVE beauty! It runs in my veins and I can't help myself. I enjoy taking care of ME!!!! I tend to visit Target often for my necessities. However, there are two things that I get from my mom who is the owner of Scentsational Soaps, and that is my charcoal and honey soap. Check her our HERE! Also if you look closely you will also see Lemon Tea Tree Bath & Body Wash from Zandra. Check her out HERE! She is an inspiration to me as she's only 18 with her own business and has been at it since the age of 9!!! Please Mae sure to visit and learn more about her. 

There is so much more that I want to do to my room but it comes in strides. Little by little. My Dad will soon be inserting LED lights and then I will have a WHOLE NOTHA vibe. It will be connected to my phone for the music. I can't wait! I hope you enjoyed the lil tour of my room and where I spend most of my time at. Be inspired, Be encouraged,  and remember where your CONFIDENCE BOLDLY!!!



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