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I can remember when I was a lil girl, my Nanny and I would watch T.D. Jakes religiously in her bed. It was our bonding time and even today we share special moments. She gets me and I get her. It a bond like non other. I wouldn't say I'm totally spoiled by her, but I will say she helps me get out of tough situations with my parents. I share my secrets with her and I tend to ask her for advice as she is very wise and I must add a prayer warrior. My relationship with my Nanny stands alone. Definitely, not to be compared with my parents as each parent has their own special place in my heart. It's really hard to explain our relationship but its very comforting, warm, loving and beautiful. However, I must add that she does discipline me and of course it stings but almost immediately I ridicule it with an apology or a hug. I never want to disappoint her as she is and has been the ROCK within the family. 


I'm going to paraphrase things just a lil as my mom was trying to tell me the story but once I receive the gift, I can tell you everything that happened afterwards. So, I was getting my nails done and my mom talked with my Nanny. My mom knew from a couple of months back the ring I had my heart set on. So, according to my mom, they planned to get the ring for my birthday (August 9th) As I was getting my nails done,  my mom stated that she went to the mall. She went looking for the ring in my size but it was sold out everywhere and they had to place an order. The order was not a guarantee that she would receive the ring as there were only two in stock in Alaska. However, she took a chance and paid for it. She needed a 7.5 ring size and they only had a size 7. She asked the clerk if she could hold off on ordering it and bring me back to the store and try on the size 7. Soon after finishing my nail appointment, I told my mom that I needed to go to the mall anyway to make an exchange at Target. She agreed that we could go of course as she needed me to try on the size 7 ring. 


Prior to picking me back up from my nail appointment, my mom and Nanny had been on the phone trying to map out the plan. As it turns out, when we went to the mall and stopped into Pandora, my mom asked for the "Radiant Teardrop" ring in Rosegold in a size 7. I looked at her with a smile and asked, "Mom are you buying my ring?" I tried it on and "IT FIT PERFECTLY!!!" Unfortunately, the clerk gave it away by saying "O, do you want this one instead?" So of course my mom said, Yes, I'll take that one as she had paid for it the first time she went before picking me up from my nail appointment. And plus, I'm sure my mom did not want to make a third trip as the ring was selling FAST. The lady bagged it up and my mom turned to me and said, "Your Nanny got this for your birthday" Happy Birthday!!!! 


I was ALL smiles!!! As I walked thru the mall, all I could do was look at my hand. Fresh nails and a NEW ring? This was REAL LOVE from my Nanny. My birthday came early and I'm so Happy! I couldn't wait to come home to hug and kiss my Nanny. She lives with us, which makes our bond even closer. I love her so much and I'm s happy she's my Nanny. A Grandmothers love is so AMAZING! 

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